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You may remember that way back in November I said I had chosen the theme for this site because it reminded me of the bridge that Jack built over the River Bollin as it runs through The Carrs in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

Then on December 6th I posted an old photograph of “Carrs Bridge” sent to me by my cousin David and which we believed to be of the bridge that Jack’s team subsequently rebuilt.  

I now share with you two views of the renovated bridge. I am indebted to Colin Shepherd of The Friends of the Carrs Society (www.friendsofthecarrs.org.uk)  who recently provided these photographs for me.

 Carrs Bridge over the River BollinAlternative view of Carrs Bridge


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The following short poem Jack simply called “Untitled”.  It is previously unpublished.


In a world of maybe and not quite,
Where truth is but a point of view
Blown about on the winds of scepticism,
The strong have their touchstone to survive.

Most of us will rally round some
Opportunist banner and shout Hosanna.

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This picture is of Jack’s mother Margaret on the right, with her sister Elizabeth (Aunty Bet) when they were young women.

They were always close, and later on lived next door to one another.  Jack moved in to live with his widowed aunt, who was childless, after his mother died.

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This little verse, undated and previously unpublished, is simplicity itself, but doesn’t it make you think? 

The Moth 

Frozen, spread-winged it died,
Staring in on my cosiness.
The casual acceptance of death
Mocking my sophistication
With its simplicity.

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This little poem, written around 1988 but unpublished until now, seems to me to capture the delight of the falling autumn leaves. You can really see them blowing about!

Autumn Tumblers

See! The tumbling rustling leaves,
Brown, gold, fading green,
Jostled, bustled by the wind.
A gusty boisterous whirl,
Toss and swirl of infectious flippancy.

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