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This previously unpublished poem was written by Jack around 1989. It introduces us to the poet who inspired him most – Edward Thomas. Regular readers please note that I will be off-line for a couple of weeks. On my return I shall consider what it is about Edward Thomas that so inspired Jack.

A Celebration

I write verse because I must.
Most end up as dry and stale as
An old crust of bread that barely
Keeps me alive, and I wonder why.
But I have to try again.
Then I lift my eyes to look at
A small treasury of books with
One, more careworn than the rest,
And sellotape repaired.
I lay open the page anywhere, the
Words are clear, misty, soft or sweet
As yesterday, while browsing with no
Intent to buy, the bold name
“Edward Thomas” caught my eye and
Instantly revived a nestling of
Words, once read, then stored, now
Brought alive, cheeping for all their
Worth, from a nestling miscellany of
Verse where it’s always spring.


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