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This is a previously unpublished poem of unknown date.

Love I Have Known Thee Well

Love, I have known thee well,
The soaring happiness you bring
When hand clasps hand,
Or just the merest brushing of a touch,
Her presence in a room empties it of everyone
Except ourselves.
Eyes meet, and our thoughts are as one.
The understanding being so positive
I quickly look around the room
For fear that others saw and know about our bond.

But how speedily happiness can turn to pain,
For Cupid fires his arrows with random aim.
And so I find myself alone with wounds to heal,
And no-one can I tell, for all must be concealed.
And yet, was it concealed?
To her I know it showed,
For though I never spoke of love I could not hide the glow.
And she the same as I dare not speak of love
For someone else would drown
In our emotional flood.

And so it had to end and time has dulled the pain,
Both of us have lost,
Nothing has been gained,
But if love should ever come again
I pray with all my heart
That Cupid is less careless where he aims his darts.


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