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This undated poem is one of my favourite poems that Jack wrote – so much so that I submitted it posthumously to “Countryside Tales” magazine.  This magazine is one of several produced by Park Publications and comes out four times a year. They can be found at www.parkpublications.co.uk.  The poem was published in the Winter 2008 issue.


A Picture
The lamp is turned down low inside the room,
The spreading gloom asks questions of the eye,
A near spent log slumped torpid in the grate
Slips lower down then flickers back to life,
Hot ash and sparks cascade through the firebars,
Age ochred walls reflect the fading flames,
While a slightly singed grieved-eyed tabby cat
Glares sulkily at the felonious flames.

A heavy booted step, a creaking gate,
A welcome silhouette framed in the door,
Expectancy a fickle friend at best
Has been replaced by solid and assured.
The lamp’s turned up and shadows disappear,
A kettle sings amid the crackling blaze
While puss well fed and purringly at ease
Lies gently musing in the vibrant bliss.

The world shut out, beholden things all done,
An easy chair is pulled up to the fire,
While the tea gathers courage on the hob
His brier is primed then pampered into life.
Pale blue smoke curls towards the open fire,
Then seasoned with a mellow mist of thought
It’s whisked away above the chimney pots
To add an extra whisper on the wind.

Swirling misty thoughts and drifting daydreams,
Shadowy firelight frescoes on the walls,
Brightly burning logs and glowing embers,
Deep pleasure in the warmness of it all.
Memories, reflections, wistful yearning,
Awareness fading to a blissful haze,
The eyes close, the room is wreathed in silence,
The picture drawn, the pen is cast away.


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